Monday, August 20, 2007

The Bad, The Good, The Weird.

The Bad: Lost my camera.. left it in a rickshaw on my way back from visiting the Grand Palace and being denied entry secondary to wearing a sleeveless top (who the hell wouldn't in 98 degree weather at 9am in the morning?), even though I had a shawl to cover myself.

The Good: Tried to get my mind off of losing my camera, by going shopping in the Bangkok malls for 14 hours straight and watched the new Harry Potter movie (just finished book 5, and bought #6 in the mall!).

The Weird: You have to stand up to 'Hail to the King of Thailand' for like 2 minutes during their national anthem right before the movie. Makes me want to require saying the pledge of allegiance at every single event in the states.

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tamasha said...

You have to stand for the national anthem before films in India, too. Doesn't strike me as all that odd. I kinda like it. It's like baseball games, here.